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Common questions

The main cause of diaper rashes is prolonged exposure to wetness by wearing pant for too long a period. Therefore, it is important to keep skin dry by changing pants after repeated excretion to prevent rashes from bacteria in urine.

Taking off adult pants can be done easily.  For urination, just pull pants down to the user’s ankles and then slip off.  If after taking a poo, just tear off pants at the side seam and roll up used pants and throw in trashes.

Secureichiban adult pant can absorb a large amount of urination, due to heavy concentration of super absorbent gel.  Also, the full brief structure will help prevent back leakage when urine flow back during sleeping plus double standing gathers that can prevent side leakage when user turns sideway.

For most adult pants, it is not recommended to wear to bed. However, Secureichiban is able to absorb urine up to 800 cc (Most adults urinate 200 cc per time).  Therefore, you can feel secure when wearing it in bed.

It can absorb up to 4 times (200 cc per time)