There are 2 types of adult diaper: tape-type or pant-type

There are 2 types of adult diaper:  tape-type or pant-type
Tape-type is suitable for:

Bed-ridden patients
Elderly who cannot walk without help
Patients with severe incontinence

Pant-type is suitable for:
Light-incontinent patients with urinary tract infection
Patients who are unable to hold urination
People who travel long distance and cannot find restroom

How to choose adult pant

Factors to consider when buying adult pant include:

Severity of symptoms
There are many types of adult pants to choose from, depending on the amount of absorbency level.  For light incontinence, it is necessary to know how severe the symptoms are.  For less severe cases, adult pants with low absorbency level are adequate.  For more severe cases which patients might be unable to withhold their urine, adult pants with high absorbency level are recommended.
Time of day to wear pant
For daytime users of adult pant who can change to new piece after urination, adult pants with low absorbency level are adequate.  For users who need to wear adult pants for a long period of time, such as during nighttime, when travelling, or when it is not easy to find restroom or to change to new piece, adult pants with high absorbency level are recommended.

Structure of pant
The structure of adult pant is another important factor to consider.  Because incontinence is a problem that can cause embarrassment to sufferers, it is important that the chosen adult pant must not leak urine.  Therefore, proper care must be taken in choosing pant that fit perfectly with the user’s body to make sure there is no leakage and with standing gathers to prevent side leakage.
Price of adult pant correlates with its absorbency level.  Careful consideration of the quality and absorbency level of each brand is essential.  Buying inexpensive pant with low absorbency level might lead to constant changing of pant and repeated buying.  In comparison with higher price pant with higher absorbency level, the latter one can be used longer and save more money.

Primary users of adult pants

Light incontinence can occur in both sexes and in ages from office workers to the elderly.  Women who work outside their home and constantly withhold their urine are primary sufferers of this problem.  In addition, elderly whose organs deteriorate in their functions will likely be affected by this condition.

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