Secure Ellemoi adult pant

Secure Ellemoi adult pant has a full-contour design that provides perfect fitting for wearer and give freedom of movement plus double standing gathers and cloth-like outer layer with high absorbency level for a dry, comfortable feeling.

M-L WAIST SIZE 28”-44” 5 Pcs.

L-XL WAIST SIZE 44”-54” 5 Pcs.

XXL  WAIST SIZE 49”-56” 5 Pcs.

M-L WAIST SIZE 28”-44”  10 Pcs.

L-XL WAIST SIZE 44”-54” 9 Pcs.

M-L WAIST SIZE 28”-44” 18 Pcs.

L-XL WAIST SIZE 44”-54” 16 Pcs.

Why Secure Ellemoi adult pant ?

1.Elastic waist band
Similar to cloth underwear that fits perfectly with body structure

2. Leg gathers prevent side leakage
Prevent side leakage, no matter what movement you do.

3. Soft cloth-like cover
Soft, gentle feeling that relieve heat

4. Side seam tear off easily
Easy-to-tear side seams when changing to a new piece, instead of just pulling down pant.